What Antenna would be good for me?


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I want the best possible picture and as much channels I can get. I keep seeing the RCA ANT751 with a lot of really good feedback and it was also one of the first Antennas I thought about buying.

Here my TVfool.


Like I said

I'm looking for the best. :)


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KHPK looks like a real dud, Infomercial TV plus GemTV on Subchannel. Are you very interesting in that one? Some smaller choices in antennas are available if not.

Also looks like nothing much to get past the yellow.


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What is your house or abode made of?

An indoor can get you a bunch of stations, certainly everything in Green....and maybe the stuff in Yellow too.

But a larger antenna and outside is better. Are you going to run multiple TVs?


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So an indoor antenna would be preferable? If an outdoor antenna would you prefer a smaller less obtrusive antenna as opposed to a giant antenna?

Is your building brick, concrete, stucco, metal siding?


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Sorry for all the questions. Just trying to get a feel for your needs and wants.

The RCA ANT751 would probably be a good antenna for you, but I think you can do better.


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They're made of brick.

Well the ANT751 isn't all that big is it? It really doesn't matter to me if its an outdoor antenna. Just want to make sure I'm getting the best out of it.


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In no particular order

Channel Master 3016
Winegard 7694p
AntennaCraft HBU-22
Channel Master 4228HD
AntennaCraft U-8000
Kosmic SuperQuad

All would serve you well.


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Im biased to the SuperQuad, as I sell it.

The RCA ANT751 is available at Walmart locally, but it has the lowest gain on UHF, so could be problematic.

The Winegard 7694p and AntennaCraft HBU0-22 have similar performance to each other, better than the RCA ANT751 on VHF High, and much better on UHF. The Winegard is more sturdily built but costs more.

The Channel Master 4228HD and AntennaCraft U-8000 8 Bays, and Kosmic SuperQuad 4 Bay offer the best UHF performance of the group (pretty comparable to each other and top notch available), but are slightly lacking in VHF High performance to the Winegard 7694p and AntennaCraft HBU-22, though probably comparable to the RCA ANT 751. The 2 8 Bays have a tighter beamwidth than the SuperQuad, which could be beneficial in trees. The SuperQuad has a larger beamwidth which is not really helpful in your situation as all the stations are pretty much on the same heading....but it also has a smaller profile. All of them would mount nicely on a wall facing the transmission towers without being too obtrusive.

Hope that helps...
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Great thanks a lot man.

Yea I have some wood on the outside of the apt's, around the windows. So there are places for mounting an outside antenna.

Going to check out Walmart see what they have. I'll let you know how things go.

One last thing.... is that ANT1600 wroth anything. Looks nice and I would look really great next to my TV. But if it's **************** I won't bother trying it.


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The Brick siding makes using and indoor antenna a very dicey proposition. Better to focus on an outside antenna, if its allowable.....and save yourself some headaches.


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Here is where my TV is set up by a window.

Right outside the back door of my apt where the TV is located next to the window.

Facing the area where the antenna would need to be pointed to.

hope that helps a little more... if any


You've got a lot of strong signals in the area. I'd go with some kind of 4 bay antenna like and antennacraft u4000. It'll run you about $35.00 total from Summit Source.


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That's a great list of Antennas you've mentioned !
Given a short look at Vazkey's Chart, I'm in favor of the 8800 as the most likely candidate, assuming he can get it up over the neighbors.

I see that you've placed the Kosmic SQuad in a following position on preferences.

I've searched the internet, seen it on Facebook and save for one reference to distance (65+mi), I've not been able to find hardly any information on it.
My interests would be in the standard numbers, as relates to Beamwidth, F/B ratio and gain and other.

Is there some link you have, where we could see these specifications for it ?

Have a good Day ! :)

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