What are your favorite episodes?


I want a SuperNanny is the cry of many parents with unruly children in their households. What are some of your favorite episodes of this very creative show?

Jason Fritz

Staff member
I like this show a lot, "Jo" the host is incredible...but she's so tough on some of the parents.

One of my favorites was an episode about a music producer, his stay at home wife and their three children (ages 4-7 or somewhere around there). Their children were absolute monsters...at one point, they were actually throwing things and at Jo and tuanting her while she assessed the situation. Jo's formula for fixing the matter started with the dad, who seemed more interested in his work than helping his wife. She was very direct, almost downright confrontational, telling the dad to grow up and act like a father. The mom's fix was easy for Jol, because once the dad started spending more time with the children in the afternoons, mom could focus more on keeping up with the house, and having some alone time too. By the end of the episode, mission impossible was complete, and everyone seemed happy with the results.
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