What do you do when you miss an episode?


I try to be sure and watch episodes of my shows before they "expire" from Hulu, but sometimes I just can't. Some shows are only up for a week, and gone, and I do have work and a life outside TV. It's far more frustrating than when they remove a whole series from a service, because I know I can get the DVDs if I really want, and those are usually older shows anyway. But when I'm in the middle of a current season and I miss just one episode, it annoys me. I've actually even been in the middle of watching an episode, and I get through the whole thing except for the last 10 or 15 minutes, then had a technical problem that prevented me from watching the end. Yep. That happened.

Basically, one's choices are:

- Pay for a single episode on Amazon, iTunes, etc. (if it's available, which not all shows are).
- Just skip that episode and keep watching the rest of the season.
- Just don't watch the rest of the season, and catch up when it comes on another service or DVD.
- There's one other option which I won't mention, but you can guess.

What do YOU do when this happens to you?
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