What is the best current PBS Kids Show?


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What do you think is the best PBS Kids show currently on the air at least in your area. Personally I think the best show currently is the new Dinosaur Train, but I also think the Super Why show is pretty good.
My little ones love Barney of course. They do have a lot of good learning programs on, but I was quite upset when PBS announced that it wouldn't be showing Reading Rainbow anymore on its network.


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Reading Rainbow is a great show, but it has not aired in my local area for years, so it ending is not anything new around here. I have not seen Barney in several years until the new episodes this week and they are pretty good with this season teaching a little about different cultures.
Reading Rainbow's novelty was ruined for me when they added the "reimagined" theme song yet added nothing more. i mean c'mon it was made in the 80's why ruin the catchy 80's theme? you dont see anyone touching other 80's TV shows' theme?

80's theme:


"reimagined" theme:
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Right now, my kids love Curious George. After watching the show a couple of times, I have to admit that I like the show, too. George is really cute in this cartoon.


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The shows my girls love to watch is Barney and Worldword. I always always like Barney since way back then and it is very educational. I really like the new show WorldWord, they spell out words every time and the characters are animals like dog, sheep, pig and so on. My daughter is actually learning letter sounds and spelling and she is only 3 by watching this show.
I have no idea what shows are popular or good for kids on PBS anymore, but when I was little I would watch such great shows as Reading Rainbow,Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, and a few other programs which I can no longer recall the name of. To be honest, I feel that todays kids shows have been dumbed down too much...but to be fair I never caught more than a few minutes of any of them.


Right now, my kids love Curious George. After watching the show a couple of times, I have to admit that I like the show, too. George is really cute in this cartoon.
My daughter used to love Curious George, but now she is more into the Cat in the Hat show that airs daily here. I grew up on Dr. Suess so this is one of those kids shows that I actually don't mind.
I grew up on PBS and so did my sibblings and now my son is too. He loves Dinosaur train and also likes the classic we can get through the roku like Sesame Street, Blues Clues, and of course Barney. I remember when my younger brother and sisters were growing up we all would watch a show that was fun and educational- and few people I ask remember it. Does anyone here remember the show In Between The Lions?


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What is BizKids about? They do not show that on my local PBS station.
It's produced by WXXI in my hometown of Rochester, NY. From wikipedia:
Biz Kid$ is an educational television show that teaches financial education and entrepreneurship to a preteen audience. It uses sketch comedy and young actors to explain basic economic concepts.[SUP][1][/SUP] Its motto is "Where kids teach kids about money and business." Biz Kids is produced in association with WXXI of Rochester, NY, is distributed by American Public Television in the United States, and started airing in the United States on January 9, 2007. By June 2008, the show was on 311 of the nation's 343 PBS stations in 50 states.[SUP][3][/SUP] By the launch of Season Two, Biz Kids was airing in all 50 states and was available to over 287 million people.[SUP][4][/SUP]
Yup The kids loved Cliff Hanger and the Spud Dectective (cant remember what segement was called). It was overall very fun and it was something I didnt mind watching with the kids when I was babysitting them. I will have to look for it- i think my son would like it!


There's a lot of quality to choose from, but I think Wild Kratts is on the top of my list for entertainment and educational content. My daughter adores Daniel Tiger, and she also likes Dinosaur Train, Curious George, and The Cat in the Hat. I also think it's great that Sesame Street, which I grew up watching, is still of a high quality.
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