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What size screen do you consider too big? I currently have a 32" I believe it is...my boyfriend and I do want a bigger tv like probably closer to 40" but less than 50". But we are huge movie people and we like our electronics...but the people who have over 50" are crazy....lol I don't like that look where the TV is so big it doesn't sit on a table. But that's just how I am.


Good post dreamr802. Screen size is dependent upon your room size. The following charts will help you choose the correct screen size for your room.
Regular TV-viewing distances
Most viewers feel comfortable sitting away from the set at a distance that's between three and six times the width of the screen. The following chart can give you a rough estimate of the minimum and maximum viewing distances for regular 4:3 televisions.
4:3 TV diagonal screen size

Min. viewing distance
(in feet)

Max. viewing distance
(in feet)
13 2.6 5.2
19 3.8 7.6
20 4 8
24 4.8 9.6
27 5.4 10.8
32 6.4 12.8
36 7.2 14.8
40 8 16
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Wide-screen TV-viewing distances
You'll notice that we said regular televisions. Wide-screen televisions showing high-resolution DVD and HDTV look better than regular sets, allowing you to sit closer and experience a more immersive, theaterlike picture.

With wide-screen sets showing DVD or HDTV, you can sit as close as 1.5 times the screen's diagonal measurement and still not notice much of a loss in quality, while sitting farther away than three times the screen size means you're likely to miss out on the immersive feel. Here's a rundown of minimum and maximum recommended viewing distances for wide-screen sets.
16:9 TV diagonal screen size

Min. viewing distance
(in feet)

Max. viewing distance
(in feet)
26 3.3 6.5
30 3.8 7.6
34 4.3 8.5
42 5.3 10.5
47 5.9 11.8
50 6.3 12.5
55 6.9 12.8
60 7.5 15
65 8.1 16.2
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