What is your gas situation?


A couple of weeks ago I was amazed at the fact our local gas price went up $.40 a gallon over night. We usually fluctuate a few cents a gallon back and forth. But never forty cents a gallon. Then of course, there were long lines at each of the stations. We heard stories of people filling up milk jugs with gas, which is not only illegal but dangerous as well. There were people actually fighting over the pumps. It reminded me of what it must have been like back in the Depression. Stations started limited the amount of gas you were allowed to buy and yet were still running out of gas.

Jump ahead a couple of weeks and the stations are still out of gas. I drove by ten stations this morning in a matter of fifteen minutes and only two of them had gas . Of course, those two stations had lines out the parking lot, waiting to get gas. By the end of the day I imagine they too, will be out of gas. One thing that does surprise me, is that considering the gas industries record of raising prices over the past two years, they are not taking advantage of the gas shortage situation. I am thankful, just curious.

I wonder too, has there been an increase in drive-offs since the gas shortage started? I have noticed a lot of stations are going to pre-paid gas only which I think it probably a good idea. However, it has not been perfected yet. We stopped at one station in Tennessee whose card machine on the pump was posted that you had to come in to pre-pay. We told her how much we thought it might hold and she swiped our card and activated the pump. We didn't use as much as we thought, so I went back In for a refund of the difference. She told me it would be credited back to my card. Now, what was I supposed to do. We were actually a long way from home. I had no way of knowing if she was right or not.

Plus, I have heard stories of stations putting a hold on your credit card for more than you pump. Some of us don't have extra money just sitting around and need access to all of our money at any given time. I have went thru the trouble and time of getting groceries only to be denied because I stopped to get gas, before shopping and the put a larger hold on my account than necessary. With the new gas crisis, there are actually attendants at the pumps to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Now I'm not sure I would want that job, as people can get pretty hostile. If they are planning on stealing gas, what is to stop them from getting violent?

I just heard on the radio, that some stations will not be able to replenish their supplies for several more days. When they do get more gas, it is used up fairly quickly. Racetrac just told me that Georgia gets their gas from an Atlanta distribution center. Apparently, they ran out of gas in the rush. As they get more in, they are regulating how much each gas chain is allowed to withdraw. As I am sure is the concern of many, how is this going to affect our already somewhat struggling economy?

When Katrina hit, gas prices soared causing everything else to do the same. How much will it take before America has to make some major cutbacks in our lifestyles? Once, people stopped spending frivously it will affect stores, restaurants, tourism, etc. This would of course have a snowball effect. I don't even want to think where we will be at in ten years, if someone doesn't take control and regulate prices.

Jason Fritz

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Just found this story: College closes because of western NC gas shortage - BusinessWeek

I had no idea there was a shortage in some Southern and some Eastern states! We had a shortage here in Arizona about 2 years ago when a major pipeline broke, and it was like chaotic! The average wait to fill your car with gas was about 20 minutes, and that was if you could find a station that had gas. Hopefully you'll see some relief soon!

As it stands right now, it looks like Arizona won't be affected by supply problems.

What's our gas situation? Definitely not an emergency situation like yours AC! but at $4.00 a gallon, we've cut back quite a bit on things like dining out and driving to malls. I've got a gas guzzler SUV, and if it weren't for my company picking up part of the $500/month gas bill, I'd most likely sell the vehicle at a huge loss.

I hope things get better over there!


I live in a pretty rural area and have been fortunate not to have experienced any of the problems you mentioned. Not only can't I understand out of control gas prices, I can't understand why certain parts of the country have the problems you have experienced.


I don't really understand it either. I was told today that most of Georgia and some surrounding states are having trouble getting gas and might not get more for a few days. Since this morning, most of the Kangaroo stations in town seem to have gotten their supply in. But, I imagine they won't last long. People are driving from a couple of counties away to look for gas. I don't know how they manage not to run out in the process. Anyway, we have about 5 Kangaroo stations in town, which is only about a third of the total stations in town.

It was unbelievable, everywhere you would look the gas stations were deserted with bags over their handles. Then if you found a Kangaroo that had gas, the lines were outside the driveways. As soon as I got the check in the bank, we drove out to a Kangaroo that sells Amoco/BP gas. It seems my van runs better on Amoco/BP than any other gas, but that's another story. Anyway, I was amazed. Just as I pulled into the station the truck at the pump in front of me left, so I got to pull right up. It's amazing, because every other pump had several cars waiting at each one.

While I was pumping my gas though, my dear children and I were almost witness to an altercation. Apparently a teenager had somehow cut around the line to his pump and cut in front of someone else, who wasn't too happy about it. Thankfully, he just yelled at him and that was the end of it. I wasn't quite sure how volatile people might get over getting gas, but I was thankful it didn't go any further.


Here we are a week later and still having trouble finding gas. From my understand Georgia is the only state having trouble with a gas shortage. Is that correct?