What kind of deals are available in 2014 for Dish Network?

In the "shocker" of the month, Dish Network is offering a very similar deal to the current DirecTV offering if you bundle Internet and TV together for $49.99 a month.

You supposedly see 10 MB/Second download speed (or maybe the wording is "up to")
10 GB anytime data and 10 GB bonus data

Everything with Dish gets bundled onto a single bill when you do the combined Internet and TV packages.

They also have a deal where you can get a free Apple iPad mini with your order if you search around the "Deals" section of their website.
Hold UP!? Really?
I am paying $70 for 200 channels but its in my dads name we have just never changed it over been with them for like 10 years lol...But I am trying to find ways to cut the cost because I pay the bill. If you come across some more deals let me know or if you know a better way for me to save on my t.v bill I would be very appreciative.
Thanks, Callie :)