What's the best new 3DTV?



Going to be buying a 3D TV this week and I want to know which one has the best 3D picture, high definition quality, and internet experience.

As for size requirements, we sit about 8-10' away from the TV itself so I think a 55" or 60" should be fine. My budget is about $2,800 for TV, 3D glasses, and cables.


Here is the main issue about 3DTV with glasses that know one talks about. Circular polerized 3D is better then the shutter type 3D. With circular polerized you can turn your head in any position , like lying down on the couch or bed. With the shutter type you must hold your head straight with the screen. This issue is about 3D with glasses , I am not referring to no glasses 3D or holograms with mutipul projectors or with photons and force fields.
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Old topic, but I thought I'd clarify in case people actually read this: circular polarization = passive 3D, linear polarization = active 3D.

The problem that Aerial mentioned is with the active 3D glasses, which use linear polarization. It makes sense if you think about it because if you turn 2 linearly polarized lenses 90 degrees each other, they will not allow any light through. So if you have active 3D glasses and you're lying on your side... you won't be able to see anything.
On the other hand, passive 3D uses circular polarization, so no matter what direction you turn your head, you will still see the image.

And to answer the OP's question (I know it's from, like, 4 months ago, but just not to get off topic :p), I personally have the LG LM9600, and I think this TV is amazing. It, however, was not cheap at all. But if the quality of, let's say, the LM7600 or LM8600 is almost as good as this, I'd say go for an LG. OR if you want to go plasma, Panasonic makes some pretty amazing screens, such as the ST30 or 50 (which I believe is in your price range?).

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