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This question is about "What's your cable modem history like?", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Past and current leased cable modems for me:

Former Nest:
1.32 years = Terayon TeraPro cable modem (not DOCSIS) on Adelphia (Excite@Home).
2.46 years = COM21 DP1110XB-N (DOXport) due to Adelphia's PowerLink DOCSIS migration.
3.33 years = Terayon TJ715X (came back to cable)
5.92 years = Ambit/Ubee U10C018 cable modem due to coax cable connection problems on the old modem.

Current Nest:
2.17 years = Arris TM502G (DOCSIS 2.0; v02)
5.62 years = Arris 1672G (DOCSIS 3.0) due to speed upgrade.
? = Spectrum's E31?2V1? due to dying cable modem due to its very high (hundred ms) pings on, unstable Internet, and unable to connect to servers.

What's your cable modem history like??
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