What's Your Favorite Video Game?

I have an XBox 360 and have enjoyed it for many years. My most favorite game that I have played on it was Bioshock. Love the plot and the ending totally threw me for a loop. What is your favorite video game of all time?


It might kind of stupid but I've been playing FIFA like a madmen for the last year... I guess you could call it my favorite game then? I also loved Gta Chinatown Wars, I finished it like 3 times (which I haven't done with the 'big' versions. I love Mass Effect series, too, but I haven't had time to finish ME3 since I bought it and I'm afraid my saves files might be gone now...
Well personally I am not into playing ps3 BUT lately my bf and I have been playing red dead redemption... pretty lite since im use to playing Madden lol what are some of your favorite ps3 games?


I am by no means an avid gamer. But omg! I love playing the fable games and final fantasy games. I haven't played either one since 2007. But my husband wants to get me back into playing the games. Only I feel I have no time for it. Considering 2 kids under the age of 6. Plus work and house cleaning... Ya, NO Time! Along with even if I had time. By the time it comes around he is home from work and I would rather he play his game just so he can unwind from driving 150 kids to and from school plus working in the shop.


Super Mario Sunshine is my favorite game of all time. Had a great plot and fun gameplay. It was soooo much fun just to jump around on that tropical island like Mario does and squirt all the locals with that water jetpack.

A close second would be the first Pikmin. I've beaten that game like a dozen times and it never gets old.


Personally my favorite game of all time would have to be Final fantasy, 7 and up But i have played them all some on emulators some on original systems, As of now i think the game i like the most is the Assassins Creed series, started on 2 just finished 3 Trying to buy 4.
Hard to narrow it down so I will just list some of the top ones on my list
Assassins Creed- all of them really
Kingdom Hearts- all of them
Final Fantasy VII, and X
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles for the Wii
.Hack GU 1,2,and 3
And there are others I could list but these were some of the ones that I had the most time invested in LOL


I was honestly never thrilled with Pac-Man. I liked it as a kid because it was a simple concept and easy controls. But once I got to the pre-teen age and such it really did not appeal to me anymore.
Yea i eventually got away from it and made my way to RPG's/simulation games now i try to hop on a pacman game when even i can to feel like a kid again

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