When the movie is crap...add nudity



Seems an obscure movie about an obscure jazz musician Buddy Bolden, that was previously shot and then tossed aside...is being re-shot. Why? Not sure. $100 million was spent on it so far. Wow. AND...casting calls for women have specified...“fearless acceptance of full nudity” and “fearless acceptance of simulated sex acts.” So. IMO this usually means the movie can't stand on its own two feet. It must lay down. Get it? It seems Bolden did not have a bunch of women falling all over him in real life. He unfortunately spent his sunset years suffering from alcoholism and schizophrenia.
I've just finished watching HBO's Treme, a series about jazz in post-Katrina New Orleans. They have scenes which take place on the set of a period jazz movie, which is horribly written and made and completely inaccurate. This would seem to be an ongoing problem. The phrasing in that casting call makes it sound like a serial killer's craigslist ad!


What does this have to do with Downton Abbey? (That's what the picture is from...) LOL

Personally I like films that combine stories AND sex!


Now I've spotted this thread! Ditto, bunny22! Sex never harmed anyone (not that I know of, anyway!). Seriously, nudity is an issue and it is certainly a weapon for low quality stuff to become bearable. This works for me! (not sure if I should admit that, though)


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Starship Troopers

Hollywood took most of the nudity out of Robert A. Heinlein's adult fiction book "The Puppet Masters" and turned one of his youth oriented novels (Starship Troopers) into a hard R soft porn movie.
Sex never harmed anyone (not that I know of, anyway!).
Sex has harmed many people. Many men are forced to pay a large amount of their income in the form of child support, men catch AIDS from having anal sex with men, men and women catch various STDs/STIs, some which are fatal without medical treatment, and many women, girls, boys, and men are raped.

Sex is anything but harmless, but life is about taking risks, and sex is worth the risk.
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