College Football: When will Notre Dame fire Brian Kelly?


With the recent firing of defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder, which was Head Coach Brian Kelly said he would not do, it begs the question, when will Notre Dame fire its current Head Coach? They've made a trend out of being impatient with results, so I see it as the end of next season at the very latest before Notre Dame is once again on the search for a new coach to return them to their long-lost football glory. Thoughts?


I'd say it depends on how well the team plays.

So the answer to your question might be "never". As for "making a trend out of being impatient with results", that's a hard statement to back up, given the team's results over the last 30 years. I think the only time that Notre Dame exhibited even the average level of impatience in the last 50 years was when the trustees overrode AD Kevin White and fired Willingham after only three years. Hesburgh made it clear that any coach had five years minimum. Gerry Faust got his five years. Willingham would have gotten his, too, if Hesburgh were still in charge. But impatient with Weis? Nope. Impatient with Kelly? Don't see it. Firing BVG wasn't impatient either. When you've managed to start a dumpster fire that you can't put out, someone is going to put it out for you. If Kelly has a terrible season now, and whiffs again on his next DC, and has a mediocre season next year, then maybe they will start looking for someone after the end of next season. But I'm still optimistic that they can turn this season around, and can do better next year than this year. Kelly has shown that he learns from his mistakes, and in hindsight VanGorder was a big one. In a way, I was glad that they lost to Duke due to horrible defense, because that was a bad enough result to give no reason to prolong everyone's agony.