Where are they now

I know every be now and then channels like VH1 will do a where are they now but I always miss it. I would be interested in seeing a where are they now episode on the cast of Saved by the Bell. That used to be one of my favorite shows growing up. My favorite character was Lisa. She was always dressed so trendy and when I grew up I wanted to dress just like her. Now that the style from the 80s has come back maybe I can and get away with it.


I would actually love to watch that about the heros cast and the save by the bell. But at the same time, I don't think I want to really know because what you see of them then could actually either upset you or make you really happy. Depending on what they actually did with their lives. Because if they have made it good, then your happy. But if they basically went down the drug track, that just makes what you thought about the actors then turn to complete disappointment.