Where can I find corresponding channel numbers???


Even since June 2009, I have had a hard time surfing TV channels. Today, I even could not find the TV channel HGTV (59) I often watch. In analog, the channel number was 59. Today I pushed the numbers 5 9, but it had a weak signal. I had to surfed to find it. The digital channel number now is 85.7. I went to Comcast website to find the corresponding channel number to my TV set. They have all the digital numbers the same as the analog. I am so confused! How come my two TV sets all have 80.210, 80.212, 80.213......... All the numbers with decimals. Each number with different decimal represents a different channel. How would I in in the world remember channel numbers like those.

Before, it was easy. I could push the number buttons 1 3 to go to AtlantaTV Channel, 5 7 to go to FoodNetwork, 3 7 to go to Fox, and etc.... Now they all have 82.XXX numbers.... Where can I find the list of the decimal numbers to corresponding the channels?


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