Where is FiOS available?


Can anyone post up a map of where FiOS is available by state? Preferably city and state?

A few of my friends have been talking up the internet speeds on my Facebook page. Think I need to check it out.


FiOS Deployment

The earlier link that shows the map of FiOS availability is pretty inaccurate, as it still includes those areas that were sold to Frontier in 2010. It is primarily available in Southern California (minus San Diego), Dallas-Ft Worth, Tampa Bay, Tidewater & Richmond VA, Washington DC/MD/NoVA, NJ/DE/PA, NYC/NY Capital, parts of Western NY, MA (minus Boston). The issue with future deployment is that many local municipalities and county governments did not sign local franchise agreements, meaning that Verizon has no contractual obligations to further build FiOS in those areas. The company is still adding prems to the FiOS network, but primarily only in those areas in which the company is contractually obligated to meet build out requirements. Any construction outside of those areas is totally at their discretion if/when they decide to spend the money.
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