Which is better Hulu or Netflix

It depends on what you want. If you like movies Netflix. If you prefer TV shows Hulu. For me the choice was easy. I seldom sit in front of a TV long enough to watch a movie. Short attention span here.


Here's what it comes down to:

Far more typical network TV shows
Less Movies
Has Commercials

Less TV shows than Hulu, but still some good choices
Amazing original content (House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, etc)
No Commercials

We personally subscribe to both. I'm LIKE Netflix better - their software is better (IMHO), no commercials, etc. That said if you don't have a Tivo with network TV or some other way to get content from network providers then Hulu will provide far more of that content for you.

Both of the above are light-years better than Amazon Prime, but if you already have Amazon Prime for the shipping benefits then there is some redeemable value to that service too.
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