Who are you voting for and why?

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Encase there are posters on the forum who are not following the political campaigns, I thought it might be helpful if we gave them some insights on who to vote for. I know we are all going to have different opinions. But, a well informed voter is a better voter. Please be kind and no opponent slurring. But, what are some of the issues that each candidate stands for that is important to you.


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I'm sure this will get interesting. ;)

My family has been voting Republican for a long time (myself included). This election, I think it's more important focusing on the issues rather than the same BS campaign promises we hear every election. The Democratic party has not shown me (and I do mean me as in myself), any reason to change my vote for their party this year. Both Democratic candidates were too radical in their views on socialism or foreign policy to force me to even reconsider my vote. They finally received the majority control in Congress, and, all I've seen since then is economic turmoil and finger pointing towards the president and Republicans.

I've got my own feelings on our current president as well, because I've agreed with most of his policies (I said most), but the guy is a really bad speaker. Terrible. How can you be a president and not sell your own or other's ideas.

Whoever gets elected, it'll be an interesting 4 years...Economy should be their #1 priority.


We too, usually vote for the Republican Party. Not to say, that I wouldn't vote for a Democrat. But, for the most part they Republicans stand for a lot of the same values as I do. I too, do not agree with everything the current government has done. But, we also have to remember the president is not the only one making the decisions.
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