Why Can't Dish Network Tell the Truth?


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While I was watching the New York Giants/New Orleans Saints game on KDVR Fox 31, Dish Network ran a local advertisement that said: "Get all of the Denver Broncos games in HD for 'free' when you sign up for Dish." I'm sorry that is simply a lie. You may be getting their HD service for no extra charge, but you aren't getting them free. You are paying for TV, and therefore paying to watch HD. Therefore, saying it's free, is simply a lie!!!

Now, on the other hand, if you live in Denver and don't sign up with Dish, but instead buy an antenna and point it toward Lookout Mountain, you can actually get all of the Bronco games (including Monday and Thrusday night) for free and in better HD than Dish has ever thought of having.

Of course there are some people who live in poor reception areas where they might need to get a pay service, but to say that HD service is "free" is misleading at best. It's "at no extra cost", it isn't "free." There is free HDTV, but Dish isn't offering it!!!
May be because it doesnt work ? :(

I mean, "free" sounds much better than "at no extra cost".

We all know that there is no such thing as a free meal.

But lying, or at least misleading people, works ...


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Their "free HD" is misleading but it's true. They offer HD without an additional fee. DirecTV and many cable companies charge a HD access fee.

If they were saying "free TV" or "free service" they'd be lying but "free HD" is not, it's just confusing and misleading.

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Another lie of thiers is their lousy commercials that are saying "The word is out, everbody is switching to Dish". BULLCRAP! They are the only one pushing this lie.


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