Why Can't I get a replacement X1 Compatible Cable Box???



I have contacted customer service through chat and via phone to no avail about replacing a broken cable box. I don't understand if it clearly shows on my account the type of box I have why it's so hard to replace that box with the same type that I already have. Instead, I have been sent (three times) the WRONG box. An old box. A box that does not offer me ANY of the X1 features that Xfinity boasts about in order to get customers to sign up in the first place. Can anyone explain to me why this outdated technology is still being sent to customers? They certainly aren't boasting cable boxes circa 1999 in the commercials. I am making one last attempt at getting the correct box by reaching out here (so if you are a rep and you see this, you should be making an attempt to reach out to me), but if this is not resolved soon with the correct box, I will disconnect my service and return to Verizon. They were never this negligent. I have a sinking suspicion Xfinity won't care one way or another. I'm sure one customer is just a drop in a very small bucket, but what a $h!tty way to do business and an awful way to treat a customer who pays you.

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