Why does DirectTV go out every time it rains? - DirecTV

I switched from Comcast to ATT/Direct TV 3+ months ago. They have moved my dish twice, it now sits in my back yard in plain view. They have rewired twice. They have replaced all of their fittings for each outlet. Nothing has made a difference. The picture freezes and then sattelite signal goes out EVERY TIME IT RAINS.
To further this debacle of a service, Billing promised me a monthly bill of $297/month for all my bundled services to entice me to switch from Comcast. My bill this month is $460. I have added no new services. None. They can't explain why my bill is so high and I just keep calling them every month. This is just as bad as comcast. In fact, at least comcast is a much better product.
I am at my wits end. No one that helps me seems to put notes in my account so that the next month, the billing department says they do not know what I am talking about when I give the last month's reps name.
I am so disappointed and frustrated!

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It should not go out unless you are experiencing a heavy rain storm or there are heavy rain clouds between your dish and the satellite. Heavy rain or snow or heavy rain clouds can attenuate the signal to the point that you don't get a signal. That should not happen every time is rains or snows.