Why is AT&T so poor at retaining channels? - DirecTV

Hallmark...gone for 5 years. NHL Network...gone for 5 years. My local channels that I pay for...gone forever as of Thursday, yet they want me to keep paying for them. The Food Network has also gone black before and we darn near lost Showtime, yes SHOWTIME, a premium channel, one summer. And I heard that people would have had to continue to pay for Showtime even though they did not receive it. And we almost lost ALL the Viacom channels at the end of one year. Do you realize just how many channels that would have been? Pathetic, just pathetic. AT&T, do better! WMYA told me today that you were "still in negotiations" with them. Make the deal already! This is a channel that some people can't get even with an antenna, so I don't really care if the price goes up! I'm paying you people almost $300 a month now, so what would a few more bucks be?

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