Wii Fit Board

I'm a single mother and I find it hard to go to the gym. If I don't have a babysitter than I'm forced to try and find alternate means to get a workout in. To try and deal with the problem I purchased the Wii Fit so that I could use it at home. Unfortunately I have yet to step on it. I really need to lose a few pounds but can't seem to get motivated. What are some tips I could use to get me burning the calories away.


I'm not certain, but music is a good motivator I think. Flip on the radio, and just relive gym class in school, but you won't burn off much if you don't sweat (at least that's what I've been told). A friend of mine has expressed kick boxing has helped her motivation. Myself I prefer martial arts. When I was a kid I used to watch Bruce Lee movies during the weekend, and I'd attempt to mimic him. Luckily TV frames were much slower back then (I think), so I felt accomplished in my futile/dreamy attempts!

Martial arts is a great study. Not only do you get a workout, self-defense abilities, you also learn self discipline (no idea if anyone really needs this, but I find it useful) :p One who is one with their body is one with themselves (among other sayings).

Normally I wouldn't reply to posts like this, but curiosity forced me to open your post, as I wondered what use you may have found for the Wii Fit board! :p Zumba may be good, I have no idea. I suggest renting it before buying it.

Best of luck, oh, the Wii Fit board is slightly heavy, you could use it as a starting weight, or utilize it as a personal protection device! I don't think it will stop a bullet, but it will surely flatten a nose... But seriously, Focus, goals, and new found desire to achieve the new you?!

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