Will new passive 3D TVs help the technology catch on at home?

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Will new passive 3D TVs help the technology catch on at home? | MyCE – My Consumer Electronics

From the article:

"3D is the next big thing for home entertainment. Or at least that’s what 3D TV manufacturers and countless blogs want you to believe. The truth is, the new technology (based on old technology) is struggling to catch on. Chalk it up to the persistent economic crisis, consumer ambivalence and those damn clunky glasses." ...

... "Passive 3D” is essentially the cheaper solution for home 3D TVs, using movie theater-style glasses as opposed to the pricier active shutter home models." ...
Yes, the old anaglyphic 3d was horrible, but I still have a few.. :D Journey to the Center of the Earth, Coraline, My bloody Valentine... Just have to respect where we were, and where we are going with it.. It will take time, and those who are not tinker-ers in nature, best leave it alone for a one touch solution, though Sony TV's are good to go I think, but don't have thee best overall picture, unfortunately to say... I tweak the crap out of my TV, even go into the service menu to change things, but sssshhhhh don't tell the manufacturer ;)
I do have to say Imax, and the gaming industry have it keyed... Can't wait to see what Discovery Channel has in store for us, they have been filming a good majority of all their newer shows in 3D, AND we can't forget George Lucas's redo of Star Wars in 3d coming this year I think...I think I said
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