Question: Windows 7 Media Center, EPG,and translators...


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Windows 7 Media Center, EPG,and translators...

Every station I get is from a translator, except 2 LP stations (and they have no PSIP/ EPG data)

Windows media center doesn't understand how to deal with them, and I get duplicate translator signals (different RF, same virtual channel) making the situation even harder to deal with. On some channels, it identifies the primary channel translator correctly, but the subchannels are listed as the actual station, 75 miles away and there's no chance I'll get 75 miles with the mountains in the way. WMC finds some channels and correctly identifies them, and misses others completely.

Does anyone else have this problem, and how can I get WMC to play nice by entering the correct info to the prog. guide?
I have a HD Homerun single and WMC (with windows 7) does not see VHF channels, Quick TV software that came with the homerun scans all my channels fine. I have not tried WMC EPG yet. If you go to silicon dust forums for windows you may get more information. (hope this helps)