Winter Olympics

Happy VD Day!

Today is the third day of the winter olympics, I saw the opening cermonies and will probably catch some more coverage. There is so many great competitions to watch,

anyone looking forward to any competition areas or maybe know of an athlete that is competing?

would love to hear others thoughts on the coverage of the games
I honestly have not caught a second of this years Winter Olympics as of yet, and I didn't even know that it already started until I read your thread!

But yes, I am going to try and catch some of the Olympic events that appeal to me at least.


We aren't watching the Winter Olympic Games, this time. I think I "Olympic'ed-out" back in the 1970s and 1980s, and haven't had much interest since.

We're using this "quiet time" on the networks to catch up on shows that we've fallen behind on, like Brothers and Sisters, and NCIS: Los Angeles. And actually, there isn't much time to catch up. As it is, we're still recording 20 hours of television this week, not including programming that we're deliberately recording for the Summer, and we barely watch that much in a week.
I was never really that much into the Olympics to begin with, although I still will watch some of it on occasion, if any of the competitions looks to be of interest to me. Although to be honest, I probably watch less of the Olympics than ever these past few years. When the most interesting part of the Olympics for me are the opening ceremonies, you know there must be something wrong!