X1 and HDCP issues



I have a new installation configured the following way:

Xfinity (XiD-P or XG2v2-P) -> Yamaha RX-A680 AVR -> Binary EIA 568-B (transmitter/receiver pair) -> Samsung QN55 frame TV.

This configuration does not work, as in I get no picture. If I connect my Xfinity straight into the Binary (skipping the AVR) which is then connected to the Samsung it works. I have other devices (DVD player, AppleTV) plugged into the AVR -> Binary -> Samsung that work. Only the Xfinity has problems.

I've been told this is an HDCP issue but I'm not sure I understand that. According to Xfinity, their boxes are supposed to be HDCP 2.2 compliant. Everything else in my chain is also supposed to be so I'm at a loss. My video guy is now looking to "downgrade" my Binary to something that supports HDCP 1.2. I am not and expert on any of this but I'm not sure I follow the logic. Is it possible I'm just getting Xfinity boxes from my local store that are older vintages? Any insight from the community would be appreciated. Also, would my life be better if I went to Xi6 wireless?

Thanks forum

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