X1 box PXD01ANI Needs reset every 2 house



So on this box PXD01ANI the sound goes in and out and a green flash goes accross the screen. When I reset the box it works normal for about 2 or 3 house then it does it again. It needs to be reset every day when the tv is turned on. I have moved it around to several other location in the house (I have 6 boxes) and it does it everywhere so I am pretty sure it is not a signal strength problem. What is frustrating is this is about the 5th box that I have returned and each has done this. Every time I return the box I get another rebuilt box and they all have similar problems. How do I get a new one rather than a rebuilt or remanufactured box? It seams quality control on comcast equipment is a problem. Any ideas and what the next step should be? Thanks for any help and advice.

"X1 box PXD01ANI Needs reset every 2 house," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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