X1 Favorites differ from TV to online




I know there is a duplicate favorite channel issue but the duplicate issue only shows when browsing my favorites online, not on the TV.


I select channel 1250 NESN as a favorite using the remote or online

Online both 851 and 1250 will be displayed as a favorite online, it's the same channel

On the TV only 851 will be displayed when viewing favorites

While most will probably think this is an improvement over seeing both, the issue for me is the channels above 1000 are in a logical order, with locals followed by sports followed by movies, not perfect but really good. I'm a sports fanatic so having the sports grouped more or less together makes my life much easier.

The channels below 1000 are not stacked as well, there are locals then some movies then some more of the sports channels.

I had been using TiVo for many years so it was easy to only add the channels 1000 and up to the favorites and not see the channels lower than channel 1000.

I'm guessing there is no way to change this but figured I would ask. And yes I am somewhat new to X1 😉

Thanks in advance.

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