X1 HDMI Audio issues when switching inputs on device



Xfinity sent me a new X1 box so I could use the new HBOMax app. The new box loses all audio when the tv input is changed and then comes back to the port the X1 box is plugged into.

I made sure the sound was on the correct settings. There are no headphones plugged in. The television is not on mute. I switched hdmi cables. I switched ports. I switched devices using the same hdmi cables and hdmi ports on the tv. All signs pointed to the box. I called support and they sent me another new box.

Received a 'new' box. It had clearly been hastily packed and was an obvious recent return. It also had the same issue. Coming here there seems to be some information about an HDMI handshake problem with these boxes, that my original box from 5 years ago or more didn't have. If these symptoms are a known issue why hasn't it been fixed yet? If this is a known issue why are they still distributing faulty boxes? If this is a known issue why did support waste my time sending me a new box?

There seems to be some deleted content on here that comes in the search but wont actually show about the known hdmi handshake issues. That seems a bit shady.

"X1 HDMI Audio issues when switching inputs on device," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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