Recently my saved favorites (movies, tv shows, teams) are not all displaying. I had over 700 saved movies in my favorites and now it will only show me 292 movies, 3 sports teams (i have 8 favorite teams saved). I had removed some saved favorite Tv shows, teams, people and it seemed to display more of my saved favorite movies, but I would really like to see all of my favorites again. Are we now limited on the amount of favorites that it can display at one time? Is there a fix for this coming? And are we getting back the OnDemand>> Movies >> Browse by >> Free to Me (personalized) that would show Xfinity On Demand, Netflix, Amazon, and Tubi movies all under this Free to Me? I now have to go to each option separately, and I thought that was a key benefit for having X1, that all would be available in one place, rather than having to go into each service/app separately.

"X1 SAVED FAVORITES," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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