X1 UI Improvement Suggestion: Display Order of Series Recordings



I have an improvement suggestion/request for the X1 user interface concerning how recorded episodes in a series recording are displayed.

Looking in my (vertical) list of recordings, I see the most recent recording in the list at the top. Good. (Though, that said, what if there were an "Alphabetical" sort order option?)

That list typically contains individual recordings, one on a line, as well as one line for all of the recordings in a given series recording. The "series" lines also tell you how many episodes are recorded. Also good.

Click into the series recording and you then see a horizontal list of thumbnails with recording details. Also good.

Imagine now that you have, say, 39 episodes recorded and you're watching them in order. Those episodes show the newest on the left and the oldest on the right. It's the oldest (next) episode you're nearly always going to watch and it's waaaay over on the right, so now you need to click all the way through 39 thumbnails to the right to get where you want to be. Tomorrow, it'll be 40.


Imagine a new recording is added every day and you watch one every day or so and you've already fallen behind and... you're repeating this aggravating UI trick again and again.

Suggestion: In the UI for adding a series recording, add an additional field, for example, "Episode Display Order: Oldest First / Newest First".

That way, people hoping to watch in order, but who have fallen behind, aren't tortured every time they want to watch the next episode in the series.

Many thanks in advance for your consideration.

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