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I've been playing World of Tanks (WoT) for 5 years on your modem without any problems.
A few weeks ago, I lost my ability to use in-game Voice Chat in WoT.
After poking around and figuring things out, I found that I could use Port Forwarding (it was very easy: the game came up on your list and everything was done for me), but that would require disabling xFi Advanced Security. So, I just disabled the xFi Advanced Security and tried WITHOUT the port forwarding.
It works fine, but I'm unhappy with the idea of completely disabling xFi Advanced Security, especially since in-game voice chat has worked for 5 years.
I'm also confused that the GAME works fine, but the voice chat doesn't. That's just weird.

I see from a previous forum post (link after my sign-off) that Mario Kart has been whitelisted.
I figure World of Tanks, the game, must be as well.
Is it possible to whitelist their voice chat service?
I can get the port forwarding info, if needed. I'm happy to do legwork so I can talk to my friends. 🙂


The Mario Kart Tour issue was resolved by
I tried to post the link, but the forum automatically removed the 'invalid HTML'.
I don't know if I can use the @ symbol to link to a post, so I'll provide other info:
It's title was: xFi Advanced Security Blocking MARIO Kart Tour Game
The link had this number at the end: 3265767

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