xFi Advanced Security is blocking my client's website - XFinity

Just as hundreds of others have reported, I have a website that needs to be whitelisted because XFinity's security is blocking it. The site is www.gettysburgleadership.com - the site has an SSL, is on a secure server, and has been scanned and confirmed that no malware exists. There is no reason that it should be blocked.

Per previous posts that I've seen, said that we should DM him our website to get it whitelisted. However, I don't have a DM feature. It took me even more time and research to finally figure out that you cannot DM anyone until you post an initial message. Hence this post.

You would think that a company as big as Comcast/Xfinity would have figured out how to resolve issues like this in a more succinct way. I cannot adequately express my annoyance and frustration over this situation - my team has spent countless hours transferring my site's hosting, getting a new server, dedicated IP, new SSL, constant troubleshooting, it's absolutely infuriating. The fact that Comcast has not recognized this issue anywhere other than the public forums, and doesn't have any kind of structured ticketing system makes the situation 100x worse.

This question, "xFi Advanced Security is blocking my client's website," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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