xFi Advanced Security is blocking my company's domain - XFinity

XFi Advanced Security is blocking one of my company's product domains. Back4app is a backend as a service platform, and we host several applications for third party customers. Some customers accessing the www.back4app.io via Comcast xFi Advanced Security are bot being able to load the page because a secure connection cannot be established. We have all the security certificates in place and are not listed on any blacklist.This issue seriously affects my business; please help me solve the issue, and please add the domain to your white list. I'm already advising all customers who have this problem to disable this feature, but that's a temporary workaround, not a solution.If you need more information, please contact me on a private channel.

This question, "xFi Advanced Security is blocking my company's domain," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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