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Like many other's, I received an email saying that I qualify for free xfi pods after and analysis of my wifi. I have been trying to get them for over a month. Ever since switching to Xfinity's wifi router, we get spotty service in our basement and second floor. I have a husband who now works from home and starting in August, I will have 6 KIDS doing e-learning for half the school day!!! After three different sessions speaking with at least 6 people, I still have no answers other than... you can only get them through the link...since the link does not work you cannot get them. When I press further, they just transfer me to other places…chat assistance, billing, tech support, sales, or a Fallout Team member...which I think may be made up because the last person I spoke with had never hear of that team before. I’ve been told to “wait 14 days and they will be sent.” I’ve been told “just buy them at full price and we will issue a refund” (the site would even work to do this). And just now I was told that this promotion didn’t exist???

Has anyone had luck actually getting them??

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