Xfinity Firmware Update destroyed Cable Out - I can no longer watch On Demand or DVR movies in SD!



Problem: Attempting to watch an OnDemand movie or DVR recording will destroy the coax out TV signal, and lock it's output in some mode preventing it from working again until the box is restarted. The remote TV will report 'No Source' or 'No Signal'...

I became a Comcast customer from 2013-2015, moved without coverage, then back in 2017 to current - and when it works - I LOVE IT...

But they BROKE IT!
My configuration has not changed in 3+ years beyond replacing a 1080p HD TV with a new 4K TV on the receiver's HDMI last December and swapping to a 4K receiver (I think ARRIS XG1v4)...
The new problem is with my long existing 2 remote TVs on coax out:

  • an old 15" Emerson in my office, something to watch/listen to while working (I have tinnitus so a 'quiet' office literally is bad, must have something on in the background to concentrate).
  • a 50" Sony Bravia HD capable TV in the bedroom, not HD capable via coax. Only via HDMI and I do not have an HDMI cable that would reach across the entire house, and can't anyways with only one HDMI output... and it's fine in SD...

I only desire to watch the exact same thing either in HD in my living room where the receiver is - or - in SD via coax in the bedroom or office.

For 3+ years I have enjoyed watching a movie in SD with my wife in the bedroom...
I cannot enjoy movies remotely anymore!

This has been going on for like a month now,
I had an Xfinity service guy out last week.
He replaced my receiver, and the replacement had the same problem. He talked with his supervisor for quite a while (in private outside surprisingly), then returned and suggested I try changing the main display resolution to 720p. We did this and the office and bedroom worked. Apparently they know about this, but don't want to change it. The tech suggested they want everyone to upgrade to using remote boxes to watch HD TV - why, I only watch 1 TV at a time with the same content on it.
One web-page states: "Coaxial cables can offer 1080i or 720p but not the 1080p HDMI can deliver." I would bet most people who are using coax have older televisions and do not want to upgrade just to get interlaced 1080i TV.

I am concluding Xfinity is setting the coax mode to 1080i for OnDemand and DVR now since this resolution is not supported on an older tv channel 3 and this would definitely cause No Signal messages since the TV cannot process a frame with that many lines...
And that this change was done in the box via a firmware update - since no hardware was changed, and it suddenly stopped working - has to be firmware.

FORCING a user to change to 720p to watch remotely via coax out - and then to change display back to 4K when they want to watch the HDMI output to a 4K TV - is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

NOT Acceptable when it worked before, without any changes by customer - clearly changed by Xfinity! It cannot be sound business practice to sell a service to a customer, then change that service removing features previously available.


  1. I have been an Xfnity customer for 3+ years,
  2. Finished my 'contract'
    - AND -
  3. Signed a NEW 2 year contract to continue the same TV service level and other upgrades.

TV Service I am now being denied due to this firmware update.

Normal TV works fine - can watch any live channel - but attempt to watch On Demand OR anything saved in DVR via coax - LOCKS the coax output in some mode where you intermittantly hear audio (like a second or two every 15 seconds) and No Video.

This 'no output from coax' mode is ONLY recoverable by REBOOTING THE X1 Receiver - or switching receiver to 720p (which you cannot do if you don't see the screen) and that is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Simply - SD coax TV WORKS fine in normal TV mode - On Demand or DVR crashes the coax.

When the remote receiver has NO Signal - you CANNOT see anything to change to 720p. The below article link suggests a way to change the reciever to 720p mode pressing a key sequence - does NOT work for this receiver...

This is a long post, some of which sound like the same issue I am having Solved: Re: Intermittent Video Issues Affecting Some Customers - Xfinity Help and Support Forums - 3347927

Their solution was to press 'exit, exit, exit, 720' - and as one person responded, this only tunes to channel 720.

Changing my reciever to 720p and I can watch remotely without problem, then suggesting I change back to 2160p60 4k UHD for the living room is insane. I obtained this receiver to watch 4K, and now am told to change to 720p to watch coax output TV...
I work in my office M-F from 8 to 5, so you say I change should change it every morning at 8am to 720p so I can enjoy my tv in the background while working, then at 5pm change to 2160p 4K for watching until bed time, then back to 720p to catch the news at 10pm if I want to watch the news...

Keep in mind - I did NOT have this problem before a recent firmware update!

And to even suggest this is a solution (as the support technician was told to tell me) is literally insane!

I will be contacting Billing to discusss this tomorrow...

If a fix for this cannot be released soon - I will be dropping Comcast from 200-channel to Basic TV (a major loss in revenue for Comcast - do they care?) for

"Failing to provide the service for which I agreed to, when I re-signed a contract for another 2 years!" I am not getting the service I am paying for right now.

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