Xfinity Flex / Panasonic TV Audio Issue



So I just got the Xfinity Flex and was very excited to use it. I had plugged it into my TV's HDMI and outlet and it worked fine. I had no problem setting it up. I even set up the remote and had no problem. But as soon as I tried to watch anything there was no sound. From any apps or channels. These are the things i tried to fix it. I tried : Restarting the device, unplugging and replugging the device. checking the audio in the settings and trying literally everything it could only find one stereo and it said i was connected to it, checked bluetooth to see if it was connected to anything and there wasn't, when setting up the remote there were different options and i tried them all. and note, I could control the volume of the tv with the remote but no audio would come out still. Even with the remote there was an option i think that would let me try and find another audio through what type of tv i had, i had chosen panasonic and it tried searching for the "code" a few times but after about a hald an hour of that i gave up. by the way I have a Panasonic Viera if that helps

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