Xfinity Roku Stream Beta App won't load live TV or Recordings - XFinity

Whenever we try to watch live TV on the Roku Xfinity Stream Beta app, the live TV will play for about 1-2 minutes, pause to load, then kick us out to the Roku home screen. A similar thing happens when we watch a recording or an on demand show/movie. This issue started for us about a month ago and we have not been able to find a resolution. We have 3 Roku TV's and this issue happens on all of the TV's.
This kind of issue does not occur with any of our other Roku TV apps (Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime) and it does not occur with our other devices like our phones, computers, etc.
To attempt to resolve this issue, I have removed and readded the app, checked the app for updates, restarted the TV, and checked the wireless connection. We plan to connect a TV cable directly from the wall to the TV to see if direct cable works.
From what I can tell this seems to be an issue with the app, and I would like to know if anyone else has had this issue and/or has found a fix for the issue.

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