Xfinity Stream App - Samsung TV - Constantly losing HD channels - XFinity

Hello All,

I have contacted Xfinity support 4 times within the last 72 hours with this issue

Technical Details:

TV: Samsung 65' Model Q8F

Xfinity App Version: 1.11.0

Internet Connection - 600Mb , TV hard wired (same issue exists over wireless as well)

Issue: Whenever I turn my TV after a long period of time (5+hrs) all of my HD channels are missing from the Xfinity Stream App.

Resolution:The only way to solve this issue is to call into support, remove the application from the TV entirely, re-sync ,my acct by removing my acct and then re-adding it, re-installing the application, signing in, sigining out and then finally signing back in.

This same issue does NOT occur on my laptop or smart phone where HD channels are missing when the application is launched.

I am extremely frustrated as I have to create a Support ticket and go through 1.5+ hrs of re-explainign the issue over and over until they reach the same conclusion to remove my acct and re-add/re-sync it.

Any suggestions??!?

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