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First time poster, a pleasure to meet this very saavy and informed community! I am an iPad 2 Retna Display user who has updated to my highest level of iOS 10.3.4, I won't give it up, yet. And, waiting forever for the 5G phone. iPad users have been required to update their Xfinity Stream App/Update Required 14001, any user with iOS lower than version 12.0 is required to update their iOS to use the new version of the App. As we all know, all Xfinity users' devises can not update to 12.0. Stream App gives you the option to download the latest "comparable" version of the app. Saying this version/the new version, is not compatable with this devise/your devise. When you download the latest comparable version for your devise, you can not do it. From reading everyones' posts and replies on this topic, it continues every day to be a very serious issue. I must have confidence that Comcast Xfinity who has the most brilliant App designers in the world have been making it their top priority fixing this bug, especially during this pandemic when our families need Xfinity Stream more than ever for vital COVID-19 updates. Comcast Xfinity you've got our backs.

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