Xfinity streaming cr-app booting me - XFinity

As mentioned on my apple devices I am not able to watch hbo go, showtime anytime, or anything on the xfinity stream app itself. In fact in the xfinity app, in the Live TV section, under all channels, instead of all channels being available as per usual, there are only two that I see. When I log in, it accepts my login regardless of app and then I get booted. On the hbo app, it asks for my xfinity login info which i enter, then i pick my show, hit play, and just like that I am once again logged out and asked to again Sign in. How can I fix this? Its just started happening today 7/10/19 on all devices.

This question, "Xfinity streaming cr-app booting me," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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