XG1V4-A & PX032ANI




I am a new Xfinity customer coming from DirecTV. Each room had it's own dedicated DVR.

I have an XG1 installed in my master and a PX032 hard wired in my spare. On the 10th there was a 2 hour outage that took down cable, internet and voice here. On the PX032 I couldn't do a thing.. I couldn't watch live TV or even watch anything recorded on the DVR. Just a no internet message.

I called unhelpful support and they said there is nothing they could do.

Why can't I have another XG1 installed in my spare? Or is there a better replacement with an internal hard drive? Any suggestions? I'm not a fan of a shared DVR's to begin with and I'm even less of a fan of box that becomes a paperweight when the internet or cable goes down. If the cable or internet goes down I still want to be able to watch my recorded programs!


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