XG1V4 Cable Box constantly resets video resolution to 480p for a 4K TV




I am dealing with a very annoying issue of the Xfinity XG1V4 K Cable Box resetting itself to a Video resolution to 480p even after going into the Video Preferences and setting the resoltion to 2160p (Best Available). The configuration I am using is the XG1V4 connected to a Marantz receiver via an HDMI cable. The Marantz receiver is connected to the Sony 4K TV from the Marantz Monitor 1 output to the Sony HDMI 1.

This kind of configuration has worked for years and has NEVER resulted in this constant resetting of Video resolution. I have seen other posts regarding this issue and I do not think my situation is unique. I have seen the suggestion of connecting the Cable Box directly to the Sony and indeed it does result in the TV being a "Recognized" device in the Video resolution preferences section. I am sure this issue would not occur with a direct link beteen the Cable Box and the TV. However, I want to have the benefit of the Surrond Sound system that has worked for a very long time until just recently (started exhibiting this annoying behavior about 3 weeks ago). Of course, I have also done a full recycling/rebooting of the Cable Box several times and it does not make a difference. I also update firmware on the Marantz receiver as well as the Sony TV regularly. Another data point is that the HDMI cables are new and support bi-directional data flow/ARC. I am not using ARC for this configuration as I have found it to be very buggy.

Is there any planned firmware update that will prevent this constant resetting of video resoluton settings. Every time we turn on the TV, we have to go through the setup menu and reset the video resolution. The good news is that it looks great while watching the TV. But after powering the system off then back on again, the resolution is reset. Please provide some guidance on how this issue can be resolved without losing th capability of using my audio receiver.

A related thread is the following showing that there are others with this issue. Solved: XG1v4 Jumping to 4k Resolution - Xfinity Help and Support Forums - 3346892

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