Xi6-A Box Issue Possible Resolve if you have xFI Pods



Each day I'd have to unplug and plug back in my Xi6-A wireless box in order to watch Xfinity. The TV would come on, but the screen would be black with no sound. I read about many people having similar trouble - possible fixes in forums were change the HDMI port from 1 to 2, switch out the HDMI cable for a new one, apply the power save feature or have Xfinity swap out the Xi6-A box. None of these really worked for me.

Yesterday the local Xfinity technican, Tim, came out to troubleshoot. He did swap the Xi6-A box, but what he did next fixed the problem I believe.

I have 6 xFI pods throughout my single story house. Tim noticed the WiFi signal for the Xi6-A box was weak even though the Xi6-A box sits about 20 feet from the Xfinity Gateway (with one wall between). Tim started to unplug the xFI pods one by one and then plug them back in. When he got to the third one located in the hallway to the bedrooms and unplugged it - the TV picture froze and the sound ceased. When he plugged the xFI pod back iin the TV returned to normal. Apparently the Xi6-A box was pulling it's signal from that xFI pod, vice directly from the Xfinity Gateway. How that started I don't know. Tim reset the system, the WiFi signal in now excellent and this morning I awoke, turned on the TV and everything came right on.

Hopefully this will help those who have xFI pods and are experiencing the black screen and no sound when they turn on thier TV - as in my case a weak WiFi signal coming from an xFI pod caused this.

"Xi6-A Box Issue Possible Resolve if you have xFI Pods," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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