Xi6 Picture and Audio Issues



I wanted to be able to watch 4K programming so I went to the xfinity store and asked to upgrade my cable box to the XG1v4. Because I do not have a DVR subscription, they gave me the Xi6 ( I was a little hesitant because the Xi6 does not have a direct coax cable line but as long it would give me 4K I thought it would work.) It's been about a month and I've had nothing but issues. The live TV is constantly freezing/lagging/dropping audio/blurring. This is with live tv and on-demand. I've reset and restarted countless times and the issues persist. I've never had these issues with the older cable box (xg2). The xFi Wireless Gateway I am using is the TG1682G. The Xi6 is directly connected to the TG1682G.

Also, would switching the Xi6 for the XG1v4 remedy these issues (since the XG1v4 has the coax cable line?)

Please let me know what I can do because this has made watching live tv (specifically sports) impossible to watch. Thank you for your assistance.

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