XRE-03092 unable to play video on demand



After several calls to Comcast tech support over several days and running many tests, I could not watch VOD from my second STB. I could watch VOD from my main dvr box with no problem. Since call center tech support could not resolve it, I went to the cable store and got a new secondary box but had the same problem of no video on demand. I called back in and scheduled a tech who was very thorough to check my cables and changed both my set top boxes to be safe. Still no VOD. He got tier 3 support on the line and checked all my rate codes and made some tweaks that might take several hours to complete. Later that night I tried on demand but had the same problem. I looked in settings under Comcast Labs and under playback settings, I saw VOD was set to Default. I changed it to IP and that fixed it. I now can watch VOD. Just FYI for this error code.

"XRE-03092 unable to play video on demand," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television and On Demand.

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