XRE 03121 After Account Upgrade



On Friday I upgraded my package and installed my new box over the weekend. However, I am not receiving any of the additional channels included in my new package. I'm getting a XRE-03121 error message. I still get a few basic channels (the ones included on my old package; about 20 or so) but not the 200+ channels included with my new package. I called support last night and the person I talked said that my package changes just had not been pushed through yet. She said that she would take care of it and I would have all my channels in about 2 hours. As of right now (24 hours later) I am still receiving the same error message and cannot watch any additional channels. I've done a number of system refreshes and nothing is working. Can you confirm my package was upgraded? If everything looks fine, then can you help me figure out the issue?

"XRE 03121 After Account Upgrade," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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