Your all time favorite PBS series


Saw this post come back up at the same time my 5 year old found an Electric Company episode on YouTube to watch (he uses our tablet) :) Kinda funny! Does anyone know if Hulu or Netflix carry the past seasons of it? I didn't find it on a quick search on Netflix, but didn't spend a lot of time on it.
Hulu has it! They have both the new Electric Company and 13 episodes of what they call "The Electric Company 1970s." Unfortunately they are only available from the Hulu web site - no TV or mobile app. Here's the link - Watch The Electric Company 1970s Online - Free at Hulu
In the 70's/80's it was Electric Company and Reading Rainbow. My wife chimed in and said hers was the Frugal Gourmet and Chao Italia, she started watching cooking shows when she was 14 and its done me well LOL.....