YouTube on Roku - Problems playing some videos?


I'm using the official YouTube channel on the Roku (which as only been available for a few weeks on my model). When I go to play some videos, the "loading" circle just spins and spins, but the video never plays. I've found a workaround, to go to the video before or after, and "skip" ahead to the video I actually want to see. (Sending the video from my phone also works, but that doesn't help my non-techie family members when I'm not there.)

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any possible solutions? (And no, suggesting that I use another channel/app is not a solution.)


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I just added the channel, and haven't used it much yet. I've been using PlayOn to watch YouTube on my Roku LT and XS. I'll let you know if I have any problems using the official YouTube Channel, but can you tell me what model Roku you are using, and name a video or two that give you problems? Also, have you tried changing your settings on YouTube to show lower quality video?
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I have been using the channel for a week now on my XS model and no problems. I'll try the channel on my LT now.
What model Roku are you using?

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