What Channel Do the Astros Play on

What Channel Do the Astros Play on: Broadcasting the Houston Astros Games

The Houston Astros, a Major League Baseball team based in Houston, Texas, have a large and dedicated fan base that eagerly tunes in to watch their games. For fans looking to catch the Astros in action, it is crucial to know what channel they play on. In this article, we will explore the broadcasting options for the Houston Astros and provide five interesting facts about the team’s television coverage.

1. The Astros’ primary television network is AT&T SportsNet Southwest. The network has been the exclusive broadcaster of Astros games since the 2013 season. AT&T SportsNet Southwest is available to viewers in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and New Mexico. The network provides comprehensive coverage of the team, including pre and post-game shows, player interviews, and analysis.

2. AT&T SportsNet Southwest can be accessed through various cable and satellite providers. Some of the major providers that carry the network include Xfinity, DIRECTV, Spectrum, and Dish Network. Fans can check with their local providers to ensure they have access to Astros games through AT&T SportsNet Southwest.

3. In addition to AT&T SportsNet Southwest, a select number of Astros games are nationally broadcast on Fox and ESPN. These nationally televised games provide an opportunity for fans across the country to watch the team in action. The schedule for national broadcasts can be found on the Astros’ official website or checking local listings closer to the game date.

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4. For fans on the go or those without access to cable or satellite subscriptions, the Astros offer a streaming service called AT&T SportsNet NOW. This service allows viewers to stream Astros games live on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. AT&T SportsNet NOW requires a subscription, and fans can sign up on the network’s official website.

5. The Astros also provide radio coverage for fans who prefer to listen to games. The team’s flagship radio station is KBME 790 AM, also known as SportsTalk 790. The radio broadcasts feature play--play commentary, analysis, and interviews. Additionally, fans can access radio broadcasts online through the Astros’ official website or using the MLB At Bat mobile app.

Now, let’s address some common questions about the Astros’ broadcasting:

1. Can I watch Astros games on MLB.TV?
Yes, out-of-market fans can stream Astros games on MLB.TV. However, local blackout restrictions apply, and Astros games are not available for streaming to viewers within the team’s broadcast territory.

2. Do the Astros have a Spanish-language broadcast?
Yes, the Astros offer Spanish-language radio broadcasts on La Ranchera 850 AM.

3. Can I watch Astros games on local broadcast networks?
Most Astros games are exclusively broadcast on AT&T SportsNet Southwest. However, a select few games may be picked up local broadcast networks in Houston.

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4. Can I watch Astros games on streaming platforms like Hulu or YouTube TV?
Currently, AT&T SportsNet Southwest is not available on popular streaming platforms like Hulu or YouTube TV. However, fans can access the network’s streaming service, AT&T SportsNet NOW, to watch Astros games online.

5. Are there any additional costs to access AT&T SportsNet Southwest?
AT&T SportsNet Southwest is typically included in cable or satellite packages. However, some providers may offer it as part of premium sports tiers, which may require an additional fee.

6. Can I watch Astros games if I live outside the team’s broadcast territory?
Yes, fans who live outside the Astros’ broadcast territory can watch games on MLB.TV. However, local blackout restrictions may apply for games broadcast nationally.

7. Do Astros games have closed captioning options?
Yes, closed captioning options are available for Astros games on both television broadcasts and streaming platforms.

8. Are there any alternative ways to listen to Astros games?
Yes, fans can listen to Astros games on the MLB At Bat mobile app, which offers live radio broadcasts.

9. Are Astros games available in high definition (HD)?
Yes, AT&T SportsNet Southwest broadcasts Astros games in high definition for viewers with HD-capable televisions.

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10. Can I rewatch Astros games if I miss the live broadcast?
Yes, AT&T SportsNet Southwest occasionally replays Astros games, and highlights are also available on the Astros’ official website and social media channels.

11. Is AT&T SportsNet Southwest available for viewers outside of the United States?
No, AT&T SportsNet Southwest is only available to viewers within the United States.

12. How can I contact AT&T SportsNet Southwest for any broadcast-related inquiries?
Fans can contact AT&T SportsNet Southwest through their official website or via phone at the provided customer service number.

13. Can I watch Astros games on my mobile device?
Yes, fans can stream Astros games on their mobile devices through the AT&T SportsNet NOW app.

14. Are there any blackout restrictions for AT&T SportsNet NOW streaming service?
Yes, blackout restrictions apply to the AT&T SportsNet NOW streaming service, similar to MLB.TV streaming. Fans within the Astros’ broadcast territory may experience blackouts for locally televised games.

Knowing what channel the Astros play on is essential for fans who want to catch their favorite team in action. Whether it’s through AT&T SportsNet Southwest, national broadcasts, or radio coverage, there are various options available to ensure fans never miss a game.

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